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Kitty Etiquette, Lesson 1: Cat Eats with a Fork

Watch the refined feline in this video use cutlery ... or at least appear to use it.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 19th 2012

While we can’t all lounge in Chanel bags a la the 1 purrr-cent, or have our choice of caviar or p├ót├® like Miss Princess Choupette, we can teach our kitties proper table manners. In this episode of Feline Finishing School, a cat demonstrates to other kitties the proper use of a fork while sitting pretty at the dinner table. At some point, all kittens must become fancy felines under the guidance of Nylah, who is also known as Miss Meow Manners.

In the next lesson, Miss Meow Manners will demonstrate the proper way to hunt, kill, and cook a pigeon — all without making a mess or a tawdry scene. It involves precise movements, an exacting twist of the claws, and presenting the beheaded carcass to your human butler.

How’s this for a fancy feast?

All right, so maybe the cat is not really eating with a fork. Somewhere off camera there is a humorous human operating the eating utensil, but that doesn’t make the illusion any less entertaining. Or, in your cat’s mind, the human holding the fork is merely performing as the ultimate cat butler. So maybe Miss Meow Manners’ video isn’t an instructional on kitty etiquette so much as “how to train your human to feed you at the table.”