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It’s the Ultimate Cat Video Clip Collection — Buckle Up!

The favorite cat videos of the season, all presented in one place. Settle in for extended replays.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 14th 2012

Cats. Internet. Videos. These are the holy trinity of Fridays at work while you are waiting for the clock to strike five and you can get down with the weekend. Cats, the Internet, and video go together like, well, a cat video and a YouTube account. Dogs do plenty of funny things, and there are plenty of funny dog videos on the Internet, but you don’t see anyone holding a dog version of an Internet cat video festival that draws thousands of people, do you?

With the ever-growing mass of Internet cat videos showing up on YouTube (many of which we dutifully bring to you here), every now and then someone compiles bits from the favorites of the season. Such a video is below.

So grab a bag of popcorn (popped in the office kitchen — natch), gather up your co-workers, and get ready to easey our way into the weekend with this collection of giggle-inducing cat videos. Confession: This Cuteness Correspondent was reduced to tears — of giddiness! — while watching this. You’ve been warned!

Do you recognize any of the videos in here that we’ve featured?

Photo: Blue tabby cat leaping out of a computer by

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