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Watch a Chorus Line of Kittens Dancing to the Music

What's better than watching a video of synchronized kittens? Watching it twice, of course.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 12th 2012

Do you know what we need right now? We need this video … we need a chorus line of five tabby kittens bobbing and swaying their tiny kitten heads in perfect unison to goofy music. We need it right meow. And look — scroll down, there it is! There is a kitten god.

Thanks to the Wonderful Whimsical Web (that’s where the “www” comes from), we have this charming video of five kittens on someone’s nice IKEA bed, presumably chasing some sparkly thing which makes them look like they are dancing in a chorus line. Do we need anything else out of life at this moment? Yes, we do — we need to hit “replay” on this video.

About one minute in, one kitten gets upset that she doesn’t get to be the chorus line’s central figure, so she slinks off to have a saucer of milk and a nap (there is really no better way to relieve frustration). It almost leads to total mutiny, as another kitten moves to follow suit, but the chorus-line leader kitty extends a paw. After diva kitty takes a break in her trailer, she’s back, perhaps after renegotiating the terms of her contract.

Such drama cats!

Via ****yeahcuteanimalss.