Watch This Cat Chirp at Birds

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 29th 2012

It’s a familiar sight: a cat sitting by the window, watching birds, pupils dilated or narrowed (depending on the light), and chirping in voice from another world.

The cat probably thinks he is saying, “Hey little birdies, I got some delicious bird seed and bread crumbs in here. Why don’t you come a little closer?” The problem is that his accent is way off, and the cat doesn’t know that the birds — which to us sound like they are singing sweetly — are actually saying, “What? Are you dumb? We can totally see that you’re a cat and that you’re inside while we’re outside. Nice try though — not!

The truth is that the cat, who is named Leo, only looked up a few phrases in his bird language book, so he doesn’t know that the birds outside are really insulting him.

Maybe he should try tweeting them on his iPhone (or iPad — after all, Princess Choupette has one). On the Internet, no one knows you’re dog, so maybe they won’t know he’s a cat, and they’ll come fluttering to the door where Leo can pounce them.

Do your cats like to sit and bird-watch while making funny chattering noises?