“Brain Cat” Trilogy Livens Up Indiegogo Campaign


We’ve featured a few Indiegogo campaigns. With the advent of the Internet and its potential to reach people all over the world, folks have turned to crowdfunding to help raise money for their creative ventures. It’s similar to the days before the web, when patrons sponsored artists, except now we all get a chance to be an esteemed patron — or recipient artist.

We’re not sure what product these videos were created for. But whatever it was, it was successful enough to make it to a feature on Indiegogo’s blog. The topic of the post? Not the project in question, but rather how they got people to pull out their credit cards — cats.

In this trilogy, a cat acquires telekinesis powers via a Brainwave Headband. Cats are already pretty good at making our lives miserable with the powers they have, but combine their sometimes nefarious intentions with the ability to move objects with their minds, and you’ve got a world of trouble.

After stealing sandwiches out of a hapless gentleman’s hand, Brain Cat goes on a bender of destruction, eating all the fish in the ocean and crashing cars on the freeway. He is undone, however, by cat kryptonite — the laser pointer.

Can Brain Cat be stopped? Do we want him stopped? What was this Indiegogo campaign about? Who cares! Who do I give my money to?

(Okay, okay, the campaign was for InteraXon, and yes, it made a headband that responds to brainwaves.)

Via Indiegogo

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