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Kitty Cam: Follow a Bicyclist and His Cat Through Philadelphia

Rider and feline show a symbiotic bond -- that we find adorable -- in this video.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 25th 2012

Appropriately accompanied by the Ratatat track “Wildcat,” this is a fellow and his cat named MJ, riding a bike together through the streets of Philadelphia.

We strongly caution our readers to not try this at home, but we have to admit that there’s something special about the bond between MJ and his human. Bike dude trusts MJ to not freak out and dig his claws into his shoulder, and MJ trusts his human friend to keep the rubber on the road and the two of them upright. In fact, MJ is so at ease that you can see him nuzzling his human friend several times throughout the video, one paw draped over his shoulder, sitting like a little sir. Is this the modern equivalent of an urban pirate with his “parrot” perched on his shoulder?

With that mustache, we’re guessing yes!

It’s pretty obvious that mustache man loves his feline friend, so we bet they only go for short rides together. We bet that one day MJ jumped up on his shoulder and just wouldn’t get down, which is how mustache man discovered that MJ likes to ride.

Maybe mustache man is saving up for a little trailer so MJ can tag along on longer rides instead of just short cruises around the block.