Battle Advantage: The Cat in the Chair


We think you all might know this game: A cat sits waiting in a chair, seeming to mind his own business, and then you walk by and BAM! Cat claws in your leg! It’s the Chair Game!

A chair provides the perfect base for sneak attacks. Its elevated position allows kitty a full vantage point while providing a shield from counterstrikes. It also allows for better reach and targeting.

It’s even more fun when the Chair Game involves two cats. In this video from Boozle the cat, the big fluffy Persian boy gives the new kitten Cheroo a piece of his mind — from the safe perch of a kitchen chair. Cheroo, however, full of kitten energy, is not about to give in, and the two cats engage in a swatting contest, with Cheroo attacking Boozle’s luxurious tail and Boozle batting at Cheroo’s whiskers.

Displaying wisdom perhaps beyond her years — or simply distracted by a sparkly light on the wall — Cheroo eventually walks off, and Boozle remains king of the kitchen.

Watch the two kitties duke it out.

How many of you have been caught in a Chair Game sneak attack? How many times have your cats played the game? Who usually wins?

Want more of Boozle and Cheroo? Check them out here.

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