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How to Annoy Your Cat With an Empty Tissue Box

Okay, this may be borderline mean! But it's too much fun.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 30th 2014

Cats are so smug that it’s sometimes amusing to harass them a little bit. Angie Bailey freely admits to angry-snuggling and belly-touching her kitties despite how much they hate it — their reactions are just too good to give up.

Cats are known for dominating any box in the room, claiming the cardboard as their own and sometimes making a snack out of it despite what the box itself may want. So what happens when a box fights back? This video demonstrates just that. Wish to have a little Angie Bailey fun at your cat’s (minor) expense? All you need is an empty tissue box, some snacks, and a cat. (You’ve probably got the cat part down, right?)

Place the treats inside the box and let the magic begin. It’s like the poor man’s brain stimulator cat toy.

However, as someone in the Reddit comments for this video pointed out, this wouldn’t be a problem if either of the cats had opposable thumbs. Then they could simply grasp the treats, pull them out, and snack while they plot your demise.

So with that in mind, I would like to present a cat with thumbs. Nope, not just a polydactyl, but double thumbs. Get ready, the end is near, because this kitty (named Batman) can do things like:

1. Do your homework (and get all the answers wrong)

2. Clean his ears (and then eat the dirty Q-tips)

3. Check the mail (and steal all your packages)

So hah! Next time you feel like harassing your cat, remember Batman, your future overlord.

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