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Can Your Cat Jump 6 Feet High?

A skilled filmmaker throws in an ESPN-esque slo-mo replay with a creative soundtrack.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 19th 2012

Hey, are you ready for something totally awesome? Of course you are — you’re a Catster reader! Awesomeness is your modus operandi, which is exactly why you like cats, because cats are awesome.

YouTube user jamuomii shot, edited, and uploaded this rad video of his cat (presumably) jumping to retrieve a favorite toy. But instead of just filming his cat jumping (there’s already lots of that on the Internet), jamuomii repeated the cat’s stunt, showing him going higher and higher until he reaches 196 centimeters, which is a little more than 6 feet, 5 inches.

Jamoumil also uses several different film speeds and has added a soundtrack, so it looks like an ESPN highlight reel of one unbelievable play. Beginning from the cat’s point of view, we’re allowed a brief glimpse into how cool it must be to be a cat. After each jump, jamuomii raises the cat toy, showing off just how amazing a cat’s abilities are. We can only dream of being that cool — or we can just watch this video and sigh wistfully.

Slowed down, we can watch exactly how the cat achieves his incredible acts of physical prowess. We love the look of determination on the cat’s face as he nails the cat toy each time, successfully knocking it from its string as if to say, “Bam! That’s how it’s done, kittens!”

Via Laughing Squid