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8 Shows Cats Would Watch Through the “Cat TV” Window

Looking out the window is like watching TV for cats; my kitties love shows like "The Postman Sometimes Rings Once" and "Cheep Thrills."

Angie Bailey  |  Jul 13th 2015

Indoor cats enjoy spending leisurely time gazing through windows, catching up on all the action happening outdoors. There’s so much to see, you know! Depending on the view, kitties might have a clear view of interesting birds, feisty rodents, smelly dogs, strange people, and other excitement that happens outside the walls of their home.

I’ve often heard windows referred to as “cat TV,” and believe this comparison is pretty accurate.

Many humans love their television entertainment – there’s no shortage of dramas, sitcoms, reality shows and made-for-TV movies. I remember little-me sitting on my grandmother’s lap, watching her “stories” with her. The soap opera episodes seemed so real to her, and she’d constantly talk back to the characters on the TV. This amused little-me to no end. I laugh now when I find myself having a conversation with the television. Yes, I do that, but not as much as my mom does. She’s the really nutty one. Ha.

Cats find all kinds of entertainment when they’re chilling in a window. They enjoy a variety of channels, and even have their own “stories.” And yes, I’ve heard them talk to the characters.

Here are eight shows cats would watch on cat TV.

1. 9 Lives to Live

1 9 Lives to Live

Via Flickr

Cats enjoy drama, so of course they’d indulge in all the soap-opera-like happenings in their neighborhood. Here are some popular storylines:

  • Catty females fighting over manly toms.
  • Relationship turmoil following a spay or neuter procedure.
  • Lies about stolen rodent carcasses and birdhouse takeovers, and lies and more lies.
  • Mysteries surrounding who sprayed the dumpster outside Subway.

2. The Deadliest Catch

2 Deadliest Catch

Via Flickr

Except this program would have nothing to do with the show about Alaskan crab fishermen. This show would be a live-action look at cats hunting after dark. Rodents! Snakes! Moles! The nighttime action keeps them glued to the screen.

3. The Postman Sometimes Rings Once

3 The Postman

Via Flickr

Mail carriers are often the bearers of the almighty box, so when a cat sees the mail truck slowly making its way down their street, it’s a real nail-biter.

“Will he stop at my house? Will this be the day?”

Did Mom order another pair of shoes from Zappos? Oh, I hope she ordered another pair of shoes from Zappos.”

She just passed my house! Curses! Wait a minute … she’s backing up …”

4. It’s a Ruff Life!

4 Ruff Life

Via Flickr

There’s always a bad sitcom with a wacky neighbor who constantly stops over with some annoying request or ridiculous story to share. Cats don’t like this show very much, but occasionally find their channel stuck on exactly that program.

5. Hot Cats in Heat

Hot Cats in Heat

Via Flickr

Sometimes cats enjoy mature entertainment. When a saucy female passes by and offers a little attention to the kitty inside the house, a cat just might want a little privacy.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way endorsing unspayed cats, but I’m sure you get that, right? Right? Dear readers, please spay and neuter your cats. That is all.

6. Cheep Thrills

6 Cheep Thrills

Via Flickr

Any “show” that features birds is an instant hit with the cats. When the feathered ones come in close, kitties can hardly contain themselves. Their eyes dart, their paws swat, and they may even begin their own chirping. As I previously mentioned, we aren’t the only ones who talk back to our TV shows.

7. The Litter Mix-Up!

7 Litter Mix Up

Via Flickr

Oh, sometimes movies are so bad that we have to turn away and cover our eyes. We humans might find these gems on networks like Lifetime. Cats simply need to look out their window to find silly storylines and overly dramatic characters.

8. The Squirrel Returns: Part 32 1/2

Via Flickr

Via Flickr

Sequels happen even on cat TV. In fact, ongoing sequels entertain cats quite often because, well, repetitive activity through the window is a constant. Squirrels come and go. Sometimes they’re close to the window, other times they’re collecting acorns on the ground or chasing one another across tree branches. Kitties can’t resist a sequel.

What kinds of shows do your catch watch on “Cat TV”? Tell us about them in the comments!

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