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By now we know that dogs and cats can live in perfect peace and harmony, but we’ve never seen a cat teach a dog new tricks.

First of all, how adorable is it that this cat probably weighs more than that fluffy puppy? Secondly, how much does it make your heart melt to see them playing together? And thirdly, we just can’t get over how the kitty rolls over and then the puppy follows suit.

You can imagine the dialogue:

Kitty: “Okay, puppy, this is how it’s done. Just watch me. You get low to the ground, then turn over, just like that.”

Puppy: “You mean like this?”

Kitty: “Yes, but don’t try chasing your tail. Trust me — you’ll never catch it.”

This proves that maybe — just maybe — cats are smarter than dogs, and they’ve got all of us trained to do their bidding. After all, this cat turned the puppy into a copy-cat. Now you’ll think twice about opening the door to let your crying cat out — it’s all mind control.

Who do you think does the better roll over?

Image via ShutterStock

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