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Watch This Cat Ditch a Dog by Surfing to Safety

Afraid of water? We think not. This cat hangs 10 and steps away as if to say, "No biggie."

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 10th 2012

Summer’s still here, and there’s still plenty of time to hit the beach — or, as your cat likes to call it, “The BIG Litterbox” — and ride the waves. Yes, even if you’re a cat.

Okay, so this kitty isn’t surfing at the beach or hitting any 10-foot waves, but she does take a brief ride on a longboard across a pool … much to the dismay of the dog pursuing her. After being chased down some steps, the kitty sees her chance and leaps on a waiting surfboard, gliding across the water and casually hopping off on the other side. The dog is left utterly confused … you can almost see “Game Over!” on his face!

Contrary to popular belief, this kitty certainly is not afraid of water, and in a surprising turn of events, it’s the dog who won’t take the plunge once he realizes the cat has outsmarted him. But it wasn’t too hard to outsmart the dog, am I right? Saying “cat outsmarts dog” is redundant. We’re just kitty-ing!

We know plenty of you also harbor dogs in your homes; what ways do your felines outsmart your Fidos?

Thanks to Surf Dog Ricochet for this one!

Photo: Ragdoll kittens in hammock with surf board by Shutterstock