Cat Rule #27: If You Scoop It, They Will Come


I’m going to start highlighting some of the different cat rules here, in no particular order, of course. It’s important for humans to know these things.

Cat Rule #27 says that as the cat’s staff, if you scoop the poop (or pee) out of the litter box, leaving it nice and clean and fresh, a cat will, without fail, descend upon said litter box within the next five minutes and “reload” it.

This is all too true with my two boys. I keep the litter box scoop in the bathroom cabinet (the half bathroom is all theirs), and when Pimp hears the cabinet door open, he runs over to see what’s going on. From his vantage point on the sink counter, he waits patiently for me to finish scooping, then waits just a few more minutes for me to leave and go about my business… before he proceeds to go about his business in the freshly scooped box.

Do your cats do this, too? How long after you scoop until they “reload” and make you scoop it again?

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