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A Puppy Enters the Home of Two Cats. Guess What Happens Next?

Regardless of the dog's cute factor, the incumbent felines strike back at their owner and the Beagle.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 24th 2013

When Redditor bedbuddy was given the task of dog-sitting a friend’s puppy, he probably should have talked to his cats about it first.

According to the original poster, the cats and the dog never exchanged olive branches. The cats resorted to your typical feline retaliation tactics: Franklin, the bigger, darker cat in the photos, peed in the bed, while Mabel, the Bengal cat, took advantage of every opportunity to harass the puppy. The Beagle puppy, named Ripley, looks pretty confused by the whole situation.

Does this scene look familiar?

At first the two cats detected something new in their environment. Something that smelled distinctly of freshly cut grass and dog breath …

“A dog! There’s a dog on the premises! Engage attack mode!”

“Not so fast. Let’s observe the dog first from a safe distance.”

“Dude, what the fluff? My human friends left me with two cats. What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve this?”

“Approach the target carefully, with slow, steady steps. They say dogs only respond to rapid motion. Stalking makes cats virtually invisible.”

Separated only by a pillow, Mabel stares at Ripley with pupils dilated, wondering if she should take advantage of Ripley’s moment of distraction for an aggressive pounce. Meanwhile, Ripley wonders what exactly she did to be abandoned thusly to two cats. “Was it that time I peed on the rug? I was barely housebroken!”

What’s it like when your cats encounter a dog? How long does it take for your cats to warm up to a guest?

Images via Reddit