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Cats in the Water? No Way! But These Dress Like Sharks

Forget Discovery Channel's Shark Week -- we've got kittens acting like sharks.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 15th 2012

Now that the Olympics are over, what else is there to watch on TV that’s as exciting and adrenaline-pumping?

It’s Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! Watching nature’s greatest predators is right up there with watching some of our greatest athletes. And you know who else is excited about Shark Week? These cats are. We bet that in some cats’ minds, they think they really are ferocious, fish-eating sharks. After all, they like tuna, too.

This cat-shark goes for double duty — his aluminum foil fin also acts as an antennae for receiving radio waves from space. We are not alone.

Just when you thought it was safe to curl up and take a nap — boom! — these be shark-infested couches! Is anywhere safe anymore?

This cat-shark is also a pool shark. Get it? (Although, not an actual pool shark … cat-sharks are allergic to water.)

And just in case real sharks give you the hibbie-jibbies, here’s something a little more tame. It’s “Animals Acting Like Sharks Week,” with all the excitement of Shark Week and all the budget of the Internet (read: none). Prepare yourself for a terrifying kitten-shark frenzy. You’re sure to die of cuteness.

Video via msnNOW