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The Rich Cats of Instagram: The 1 Purrr-cent of the Kitty World

You think Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette is bad, with her iPad and maids? The cats are just as brazen.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 17th 2012

Precious princess Choupette isn’t the only pampered pussycat Tweeting and Instagramming about her luxurious life of caviar and beds made of down. (Cats around the world ask, “Why would you put the feathers inside the blanket?”)

Less obnoxious than the brazen hedonism of the Rich Kids of Instagram (don’t click unless you want to roll your eyes so far back they get stuck there), the Rich Cats of Instagram feature kitties more often posed with expensive trinkets and baubles rather than showing them off. Cats don’t care how expensive the food we buy them is — they are still going to barf it up on your rug whenever they want.

Pearls before kitties isn’t as bad as pearls before swine, we guess.

Hey, we can do this too! We can walk into a Gucci store and ask for a Gucci shopping bag and then make it seem like we bought something expensive. The cat doesn’t know or care if the bag was always empty, the cat is just thinking, “Hmmm, can I fit in it? More importantly, can I sit in it?”

We’re pretty sure that if cats had their own money, they’d just order tons of sushi. (“Please skip the avocado and what-have-you. Just the raw fish, please.”)

Or live in a cat mansion rather than a cat condo.

Photos via the Rich Cats of Instagram