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Meet Colonel Meow of the Department of Consternation

Colonel Meow might intimidate you, but don't worry, this big fluffy rescue is really a big scaredy cat.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 25th 2012

Colonel Meow may have a very dignified name and he may look very dignified — and disdainful — but according to his Facebook page, the full-furred kitty with a face of consternation is actually a big scaredy cat.

If you read his biography, you’ll learn that Colonel Meow is frightened of birds … and we’re surprised he readily admits this, since the first rule of Cat Club is you don’t talk about Cat Club, and the second rule is that birds are cats’ eternally sworn enemies.

But Colonel Meow is also a rescue. After being abandoned by the side of the road, he was picked up by the Himalayan and Persian Society, and that’s how he met his current human guardian, Anne Marie.

But don’t let his furrowed brows fool you — Colonel Meow is startled by many things. Among them are his own hairballs, which are plentiful since Colonel Meow is blessed with a thick coat of luxurious gray fur. He gets scared when he feels a hairball stirring in his insides, and meows and meows until someone comes to comfort him. Perhaps that’s how he got his name — he commands with his meows.

It’s okay, Colonel Meow — your secret is safe with us. And with a face like yours, we wouldn’t want to incur your wrath … even if you’d only wrathfully run away.

Photos via Colonel Meow’s Facebook page.