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A Box Is Nice … But What Could Your Cat Do with a Tipi?

The Cat Tipi is an enclosed space with a hole in it. If you're a cat, what's not to love?

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 15th 2013

Know what your fabulous feline needs? A Cat Tipi. Of course.

Because cats like little closed spaces where they can hang out, hide, and swat at you at you walk by, the folks of Cat Tipi, based in Los Angeles, have made little kitty homes that will amuse you. The Cat Tipis are made in the U.S. and tested to withstand even the most enthusiastic cats. And the Cat Tipi is sure to generate interesting conversations when you have guests over.

They will also give the cat a great place to hide when the dog is chasing her.

Available in three styles, the Cat Tipi costs $54 and is available here.

Made of cotton, wood, and suede, it’s a pretty fancy cat hut, but your cat is worth it, right?

Sure! Your cat is totally worth all the expensive cat beds and cat toys ÔǪ that she routinely ignores in favor of that Amazon box you’ve been meaning to recycle and used cotton swabs from the bathroom wastebasket. (We have a cat who just loves swabs, resulting in the purchase of a sealed garbage can for the bathroom.)

Check out the Cat Tipi blog here for some pretty adorable photos of cats hanging out in their little love huts.

Would you consider getting your cat a Cat Tipi?

Photos via Cat Tipi