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If Cats Used Pinterest, the World Would Be a Stranger Place

What do cats posts to Pinterest? Toilet paper art projects. No, seriously. And that's just the start.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 15th 2013

Last year we explored the prospect of cats posting to Pinterest, the hottest virtual pinboard site on the Net. We humans log onto the eye-candy shop and emerge hours later, our heads spinning with ideas for wedding receptions, fancy hair-braiding techniques, delectable dessert recipes, and quirky closet organizing tactics.

And don’t forget about the mega-boards bursting with cute outfit ideas and even cuter men and kittens. Sometimes the Pinterest gods smile upon us and we happen upon a board featuring cute men holding cute kittens.

What would cats post on their pinboards? We have some ideas!

1. TP art projects

It may look like cats mindlessly scratch toilet paper rolls, but there’s actually some creativity behind those claws. Some cats prefer precise techniques while others get their Pollock on, but they all have one thing in common: They’re artists. Sometimes a cat is tired of the same old technique and wants to get the the artsy juices flowing, so where does he turn? Pinterest, of course. There, an artistic feline can peruse photos of toilet tissue art and pin their favorites to their TP Art board.

2. Box brainstorming

Cats are always looking for new ways to mix up the box experience. Kitty Pinteresters will explore other users’ unique angles on getting the most out of the trusty old box. Lying in a used pizza box is beneficial in two ways: The cat enjoys the box as a resting place, and he can easily lean over and lick the delicious post-pizza grease from the cardboard. Who knew?

3. Bugs and other swattables

Flies, moths, butterflies and ladybugs are just the beginning of the fun and tasty images pinned to these boards. Cats take such pleasure in watching these creatures poised on the screen or in a light fixture. They’ll stare at them for hours, waiting for the moment of their movement. The anticipation makes the swatting so much sweeter. When there’s no insect readily available, they can gaze at Pinterest boards and dream.

4. Dish decorating

Why settle for a plain bowl of water when you can adorn your agua with floating decor? The dish decoration boards are hotspots on Pinterest. Nothing tickles a feline’s fancy more than sipping water or eating food from a festive dish. And if floating toys aren’t their thing, they can drop some dry kibble inside and watch it expand! Fun and decorative!

5. Practical tips for the morning

Morning is a cat’s favorite time, and when she’s ready to wake up, she wants us to rise and shine. Walking around the bed and meowing gets old, and simply staring at the sleeping human doesn’t get results. On these helpful boards, cats will learn techniques from the successes of others. Stealing a pillow sometimes works well. Draping yourself over a slumbering face is even more effective.

6. Humorous quotations

Cats love a good laugh and spend hours chuckling at the hilarious quips and quotations found on these boards. Some jokester felines boast popular humor boards whose traffic rivals that of Cheezburger.

7. Slick lookouts

Good hiding spots are sometimes difficult to come by, and cats tire of tucking themselves under beds and dressers. Why not benefit from the experience and cleverness of cats who’ve mastered the art of concealment? On the hiding boards, kitties demonstrate smooth techniques and creative hideaways available in most every home.

8. Time management suggestions

Don’t have time for scratching furniture and sliding around on the floor? Why not save yourself some time and combine the two? Everyone knows cats are busy and always looking for building more “me” time into their day. With the time management ideas found on these boards, cats can easily add two to three more hours of sleeping and bathing into their day.

9. Seasonal shoe delights

Stinky shoes! Each season is an olfactory festival for kitty as he explores the parade of weather-appropriate footwear. But he doesn’t have to wait until June to enjoy photos of flipflops and strappy sandals. In the middle of January, he can log onto Pinterest and daydream about the smells of the summer season.

10. Drawers-aplenty

Open drawers of all sizes are cat magnets. Drawers of dish towels? Yes! Drawers of socks? Yes! Empty drawers on the floor? Yes! A cat can pounce right onto the drawer boards and glean insight into a variety of household drawers he might not have considered. Note to humans: Although cats love drawers, they can become trapped if we’re not careful. Please thoroughly check every drawer before closing it.

What would your cat pin to a Pinterest board? Tell us in the comments!

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