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It’s Pi Day! We Celebrate With Cats and Delicious Pie

Cats, pie, and pi -- all reasons to celebrate, yes?

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 14th 2013

Happy Pi Day! No, March 14 is not National Pie Day — that was in January — but Pi Day, a celebration of the magical combination of numbers that represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The only constants in life are death, taxes, and Pi.

Pi is an irrational number and is usually expressed as the symbol ¤Ç, which I always used to pretend was Stonehenge when I was in geometry in high school. Rightfully so, too. Pi is sort of a divine number and Stonehenge is sort of mystical, so that’s all kind of cool, right?

Even though it’s not Pie Day, we’re going to celebrate with photos of cats and pie, because pies are delicious and round like a circle, so you could potentially figure out the measurements of these pies if you really really wanted to.

“Hmmm, this doesn’t look like tuna, but it’s on the counter, and anything on the counter is usually good stuff, so I’m going to eat this.”

“I need a glass of milk to go with this, please.”

Because what else would you do with a pumpkin?

Some cats are very possessive of their pie.

We envy that cat and his access to delicious, creamy lemon meringue pie.

Mittens could not wait for the whipped cream nor the ice cream, and immediately dug in sans fork. What an animal.

If you’ll excuse us, we are experiencing a craving for pie we must now satisfy.

Happy Pi Day!

Photo: A cat contemplating pie by Shutterstock