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This Kitty Tests the Definition of Being “on the Counter”

She's not allowed there. But rules are meant to be bent -- and investigated.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 2nd 2012

Cats don’t like being told what to do. And when we think we’ve got them trained, they like to remind us that they are still in charge. For instance, when yours truly went to see the amazing Acro-Cats, the cats probably performed their tricks about half the time — the other half the cats spent flouncing out of their carriers, stretching luxuriously, and sniffing audience members. It didn’t matter — we all still applauded, pleased with just the very sight of the kitties. Why do they have to learn any commands when we are ready to reward them for their greatest trick of all — commanding us with their cuteness.

Just like this kitty from Redditor unbound_primate, who knows she is not allowed on the counter and delights in testing just what exactly “on the counter” means.

“If I put my front paws on the counter, am I on the counter?

“If I sit on a box on the counter, am I on the counter?”

“If I sit on a box on the counter but I stretch my front paws down, am I on the counter?”

Somebody award this kitty her law degree! We have a feeling she would sit with us and argue the meaning of “on the counter” well into the night.

Photos via Reddit