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We Rank the Lovability of Valentine's Day Cat Photos

How lovable are the heart-themed kitties on stock-photo website Glad you asked.

 |  Feb 5th 2013  |   4 Contributions

Sure, the kitties the stock-photo site Shutterstock chosen for its Valentine's Day photos are cute, but what do we really know about them? Are they lovable? As lovable as Valentine's Day? We take a hard, critical look at them, like someone evil sizing up a blind date from across the room. 

Cat with heart by Shutterstock.

You know what that heart-shaped box is thinking right now? "YEEOUCH! What the fluff, cat?" My hand knows exactly how that box feels. I know this cat. This is not a very lovable cat. 

Lovability ranking: 3 (The claws are extended. For Valentine's Day.)


Funny young cat by Shutterstock.

First you gently nudged a candy box next to a sleeping cat, and then you sprinkled rose petals over him. He's just woken up, and he's not happy. Heed the eyes. Back away slowly. 

Lovability ranking: 4 (Though we'll bat this up to a 7 if he'll let us nuzzle that belly before striking.)


Kitty and hearts by Shutterstock.

You know, this cat is just checking these hearts for edibility. That's not very lovable, but, to be honest, respect

Lovability ranking: 10 (Never stop believing, cat.)

Kittens inside basket by Shutterstock.

This is very lovable -- but is it too lovable? Is it suspiciously lovable? WHAT'S YOUR GAME HERE, CATS?

Lovability ranking: 1 (NOT BUYING IT!)


Other than the fact that the this kitty looks like she's contemplating the agony of existence, this is a pretty nice picture.

Lovability ranking: 8 (It'll be a 10, once she puts down the Camus.)

Is kitty wearing a hat? Is that a scarf? Is she sort of cocked up in the cup, leaning against the edge like Brooke Astor waiting for a madeline at the Russian Tea Room? Damn, Shutterstock, how did you do this? 

Lovability ranking: 10 (We wouldn't be surprised if kitty could hold a conversation as well as a teacup.)

Horse pushing kitty by Shutterstock.

This has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, of course, but did someone at Shuttershock just get a Pulitzer Prize for a cat nuzzling a 1,300-pound horse? SOMEONE JUST DID. 

Lovability ranking: 10  


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