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How Are Cats Beating the Heat This Summer?

Wow, it's hot outside. What do you think cats are doing to cool off? Maybe something like this.

Michael Leaverton  |  Aug 14th 2012

With much of the nation in the grip of a heat wave, it’s left to us to wonder: How are the nation’s cats beating the heat? Good news: We found eight ways the nation’s cats are beating the heat.

1. They’re going to the beach

“Well, to be perfectly clear, right now I’m going to the bathroom on the beach.”

2. They’re swimming

“Not so fast. I’m contemplating swimming. Check back at the end of this article.”

3. They’re wearing sunglasses

“I also got my ass on the air-conditioning vent.”

4. They’re gloating

“Didn’t I tell you global warming was real, Mom? You never listen to me!”

5. They’re making money selling above-ground pools

“Correction: I’m making a killing selling above-ground pools. I’m ordering in — who wants a veal?”

6. They’re enjoying a moment of superiority, however brief (Seattle cats only)

“Steady rain all day, every day doesn’t look so bad now, does it? Suck it, Phoenix!”

7. They’re sneaking into the Slurpie machine at 7-Eleven

“If that fat kid comes in, I’m done for.”

8. They’re swimming (yes?)

“What are you, my coach? Get me a shrimp cocktail.”