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Kitties Climbing Walls? Look Out, It’s Spider-Cats!

You joke about your kittens bouncing off the walls, but these cats are doing it for real.

Dorian Wagner  |  Jul 16th 2012

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat,

Does whatever a spider-cat can

Climbs a wall, any size,

Catches thieves, just like mice

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Cat.

Okay, I may or may not have done a little creative rewriting of the original Spider-Man theme song, but this one is better, right?

Synchronized spider-cat climbing. Whatever’s up there doesn’t want a piece of this! Photo by mio_slowphoto.

Scaling walls with the greatest of ease! Photo by Lord_Chive.

At just 9 weeks old, this spider-cat has already perfected the skill. Photo by vulcanpuncher.

Toes spread for maximum suction … or, um … grip? Photo by maratz.

Spider-Cat has been waiting patiently for you all day … PATIENT NO MORE! Photo by tymothil.

OMG, you guys! Whatever you do, don’t look down! Photo by karsikkopuu.

But what goes up, must come down …

Who is this other guy next to me and why can’t I get away from him?! Photo by daniehattingh.

Dismount in 5, 4, 3, 2 …. Photo by pouchin.