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Cats in Ties: Fathers Day Must Be Getting Close

What's better than giving your dad a tie? Giving your cat one! See photos from people who did.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 14th 2013

When I was a kid and my mom would say, “Father’s Day is coming what should we get your dad?” my siblings and I would answer, “A tie!”

I don’t know how we were indoctrinated into the tie tradition, but we were, and my father ended up with a drawer full of useless novelty print ties. Or useless novelty print socks. Or useless novelty print shirts. A tie littered with lobsters seems like a good idea, but it’s not very practical for the office — especially at the office where my dad worked.

But guess who always looks good in a tie and doesn’t have to go into an office? A cat. So here are 10 cats sporting rejected Father’s Day ties, making them work as only cats can.

1. A hippie tie for the cat who regularly takes a hit of ‘nip before hitting the cubicle

2. Bow ties are traditionally worn with tuxedos, unless you’re a tuxedo who wishes to wear a tie

3. The collar and tie combination is economical, practical, and adorable

4. Because chasing feathers is very serious business

5. Bow ties and a smug face go hand in paw (or paw-claw to your hand)

6. Chevron stripes are always flattering and totally compliment tabby stripes

7. Don’t mess with a cat with a bow tie and airplane ears

8. A clown and a cow

9. Plaid bow ties are a bold statement

10. And if all else fails, just lie on a pile of dorky-looking ties

What are you planning on doing for Father’s Day? Did you get your dad another tie?

Hero photo: Young cat in a tie by Shutterstock

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