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Cats Get Airborne, We Get Photos: 10 Flying Super-Cats

When we say "jump," these kitties ask "how high?"

Dorian Wagner  |  Oct 15th 2012

When it comes to chasing toy mice or things on strings, cats will got to almost any length (or height!) to catch their prey. The higher you throw, the higher they go!

Skibbs flying through the air with the greatest of ease! Photo by Andrew Culture.

Pawla, the great huntress of insects. Photo by in the bag solutions.

Flight training starts with jumping over objects, apparently. Photo by Clashmaker.

Can you spot the mousie? Photo by Catklein.

Uh oh … what goes up, must come down. Photo by dbwhitcon.

Oops. Looks like it’s far left! Photo by nogged_noggin.

He who jumps higher gets the most toys. Photo by caz gorden.

Hoverkitty levitates over the ground. Photo by ach.

Check out the determination on that kitty’s face! Photo by tetraconz.

Look out below … kitten incoming! Photo by _Lucas Landau.