Catsters, have you ever noticed the way people’s eyes tend to glaze over when you break out your album of wallet-sized photos of your cats? Wait, nevermind — this is 2013, you don’t burden your pocket with wallet-sized photos anymore, you just whip out your smart phone and navigate to your “Photos of Muffy” album and swipe through the endless pics of your kitty saying, “And oh! This was the time Muffy pooped right outside of the litter box! Can you believe that clown?” And then you look up only to realize you’ve been talking to yourself this whole time? Because people think you’re just another “crazy cat person?”

Well it’s time to prove those heathens wrong! Thanks to our friends at BuzzFeed, we’ve got not one, not six, but twelve reasons why cat people are crazy — crazy awesome!

And these reasons aren’t just you being all, “No, but really, guys, I’m awesome,” these reasons are based on facts!

For instance, did you know that only a small percentage of people identify as “cat people,” making you more unique than the average Jane?

And did you know you’re smarter than everyone else too?

But you wouldn’t brag about that to your friends, because cat people are also more modest.

In other words, cat people, you’re not crazy at all — you’re just being yourself and that’s totally purrrfect!

Check out the video for more facts to arm yourself with for the next time someone rolls his eyes at you. Cat people of the world unite!

Top Photo: Cute young girl holding her kitty during a walk outside by Shutterstock