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Move Over, Puppies: This Is Clearly a Job for a Cat

Buster the cat is smarter than a pack of dogs. And maybe most people.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 28th 2012

When a litter of dogs and Buster the orange tabby want to get into the house (where someone with a camera is probably taunting them with food), it takes the cat’s exasperation to finally get the door open for everyone.

You can see the cat’s frustration mount as he sits bombarded by clueless dogs — the flattened ears and swishy tail all say,” Gawd, I am surrounded by imbeciles.” Meanwhile, the dogs are all “Huh? What? Who? Where? Food? Food!”

Buster looks his human straight in the eye, all like, “Really? We’re going to do this? We’re really going to do this? You’re the one with the thumbs, genius!”

You can see the moment when kitty sort of sighs and decides that if you want to get anything done, you’ve gotta do it yourself — you certainly can’t leave it to a pack of dogs and a two-legger. He suspects this is all for YouTube.

Later that day, we imagine, Buster left his human a very pointed critique outside the litter box. Or maybe in one of the dogs’ bowls. He’s creative like that.

Top Photo: Cat opens a door by Shutterstock

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