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Altered Shots: It Sure LOOKS Like These Cats Are in the Olympics

Nicholas Longtin is a very funny -- and very skilled -- man. He digitally inserted pictures of kitties onto photos of athletes.

Michael Leaverton  |  Aug 10th 2012

Last week, Nicholas Longtin had the very good idea to digitally insert cats — his own and his friends’ cats, mostly — onto pictures of Olympic athletes and then post his handiwork to Flickr. It’s very funny stuff. The Internet thought so, too, and Longtin’s Olympic cats are flying around the Web like an Olympic torch.

Here are some of our favorites. And because we can’t leave well alone, we’ve added stuff the cats are saying. The pictures are his; the words are ours.


“Smash the birdie. Kill the birdie. Destroy the birdie. I hope this day never ends.”


“Hey, let’s mix it up today and kill something. Who’s with me? Finland?”

Weight Lifting

“Arrghhhhhh … yawwwwwwwn. Sorry, what were we doing again?”


“Become one with the kayak. BE the kayak. Remember, water does not hurt. Water. Does. Not. Hurt. … Oh, quit fooling yourself, Cinnamon.”


“Ah, what a marvelous day for the Olympics! What say we stop for some catnip, Horse? You’ll explain dressage to me.”


“Did the cat just open a can of whoop-ass? BECAUSE I THINK THE CAT JUST OPENED A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS.”




“Who thinks a cat who sleeps 21 hours a day can’t kick ass in Judo NOW?”

Gymnastics – Floor Exercise

“Hmm, where did that laser dot run off to?”


“So, if Peaches can’t dunk he should stay on the windowsill? Bite this, Bob Costas!”

Gymnastics – Balance Beam

“Show yourself, laser dot!”

Medal Ceremony

“I was told there’d be chicken.”

Want some more? Check out Nicholas Longtin’s Flickr for more Olympic cat athletes. And check out our old story, What If Cats Competed in the Summer Olympics?, if you need more absurdist Olympic cat fever.

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Longtin