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Cat Paws Out Morse Code, Requests More Tuna

This amazing kitty knows Morse code! Well, we think he does. He could be tapping gibberish, for all we know of Morse code.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 2nd 2012

This adorable Scottish Fold has something important to say: He needs tuna, all the tuna, all the time. Tuna tuna tuna. He tried telling his human butlers in plain cat language, but when he meowed at these two-legged furless slaves, they only smiled and scratched him behind the ear — which was certainly appreciated, but not what he wanted. He’s a cat, he has a stomach, and that stomach needs to be filled with delicious tuna.

Then the cat tried using kitty mind tricks — an ancient method passed on from generation to generation. It involves staring at you with wide eyes, pupils dilated, face open, and emitting the will-bending “silent mew” of death. We’re pretty sure you are familiar with this method. It’s virtually foolproof. However, when the Scottish Fold tried the kitty mind trick, his humans were only confused.

So the cat then resorted to a more old-fashioned form of communication — Morse code. Given a piece of paper, the cat tapped out a message: “Hungry. Need tuna NOW. Stop. Death imminent. Stop.”

His human only looks at the cat blankly. No one really knows how to decipher Morse code anymore. Defeated, the cat begins grooming himself. You can’t always get what you want, but you can always look good.

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Photo: A cat and a fish by Shutterstock