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Cats have unusual ways of displaying affection. Well, unusual to us hapless humans. For example, presenting one’s rear end is a pretty normal display of love between cats.

These kitties, however, have more conventional ways of saying “I love you.” Instead of kneading our bare skin or licking us with their scratchy sandpaper tongues (we love you, kitties, but no thanks), these sweet cats present us with sweet hearts on their fur, with their flexible bodies, or in their food.

Even though Valentine’s Day is months away, it’s never out of season to give a little love with a well-placed heart.

This kitten wears his heart on his nose, so that whenever you look at him, your heart instantly melts … and you quickly forget about the way he made shredded cheese of your new curtains.

These two cats don’t have heart-shaped spots, but they can still express affection by practicing what cat yogis call the “heart-shaped snuggle.” The position is said to radiate warmth throughout the room.

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like a kitty with a big gray heart on his hip.

What’s better than one cat? Two cats — especially when the two cats get together to form a heart on the comforter. What we don’t know is that it’s actually a well-crafted maneuver to prevent humans from shooing cats off the bed.

Or sometimes a cat may take a more creative approach to telling you that she loves you. A foster kitten left this heart at the bottom of her dish as if to say, “Thank you for not giving up on me.”

Excuse while we go hug our kitties.