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How Would a Cat Mew LMAO?

Does anybody really know how to pronouce Internet abbreviations, like LMAO? Aside from Adam Ellis' ROFLOL cats, we mean.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 7th 2012

Ah yes, Internet lingo: MOLZ, BOLZ, LOLZ, LULZ, LMAO, ROFLMAO … the list goes on and on.

One day in the future, aliens will come to Earth after the apocalypse has wiped us all out, and if they can manage to find any surviving evidence of our existence (since all our photos and documents are on computers now!), they will wonder how our language devolved into a series of capitalized shorthand. They will enlist alien language specialists to attempt to decipher our abbreviations, and they will wonder what the heck was so darn funny that we were “rolling on the floor laughing our butts off” about it. They will conclude that we lived a life of decadent humor, worshipping feline creatures as gods and goddesses of the funnies. They will find evidence of whole websites devoted to LOLing and cats and cheeseburgers, and strangely fragmented language.

We mean, have you ever even tried to pronounce LOL? Does it sound like “Lowell”? Like “lull”? Are you supposed to spell it out? El-oh-el?

Artist Adam Ellis pondered just this question, and came up with a couple of ideas. Perhaps his illustrations will serve as pronunciation guides once those aliens land a million years from today.

Can you Catsters think of any more mewing pronunciations for LMAO?

Via Books of Adam