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Meme Time: 9 Cats Using Pickup Lines from the Government Shutdown

The government might be shut down, but the cats in these photos are open for business.

Michelle Toglia  |  Oct 14th 2013

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran on YourTango, a digital media company dedicated to love and relationships that sometimes delves into cat territory.

You know how much we love flirty cats. Whether they’re trying to pick you up on the sidewalk or OKCupid, some felines are just relentless. But you can’t blame a kitty for trying … you’ve got it going on lately.

And even news of the government shutdown, these cats are up to their sneaky ways once again. They’re even using it as an excuse to take you home. Here are our favorite #ShutdownPickupLines tweets, as told by some ultra flirty cats.

1. Was hoping you’d notice

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, Starr Hall

2. Don’t make me blush!

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, Ms Swank

3. I’ll tell if you tell

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, Brittany Feinson

4. Both, I think?

Source: manucactus, flickr.com, jladrae

5. Pick me up at 8?

Source: mylesthecat.tumblr.com, Astoria Haiku

6. Thought you’d never ask!

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, michot_y

7. Aw, shucks

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, Starr Hall

8. Pretty tempting, huh?

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com

9. Couldn’t think of anything more romantic …

Source: mindblowingcats.tumblr.com, Bernard Feinsod

Top photo: Kitten in suited man’s hands by Shutterstock

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