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We Interview a Cat in the French Quarter About Mardi Gras

Who says cats in New Orleans don't celebrate on Fat Tuesday? Hear what one has to say.

Michael Leaverton  |  Feb 17th 2015

Today is Mardi Gras, and the entire population of New Orleans is embroiled in Fat Tuesday celebrations, as per state law. So are that area’s cats, in their own way. We found one with a nice view of the action on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter and asked him what he thought of it all.

Catster: Happy Mardi Gras! How are you going to celebrate?

Cat: What’s to celebrate? All I can smell is vomit.

It’s a celebration of civic pride, the last bash before Lent!

It’s vomit. When the wind turns, vomit.

Look, I’m wearing a funny mask!

I need to smell something that isn’t vomit.

Come now! I can hear the sounds of Bourbon Street ringing through your window!

You opened the window? God. Here comes more vomit.

Hear the cheers, the shouts, the songs, the … ooop.



A trio of college students spent the night in the gutter.

Let’s close the window.

The damage is done.

So, what’s your favorite part of Mardi Gras?

Every time I go to the window someone screams, “Show me your kitties!”

Kitties? Hah!

What does that mean?

Er, nothing.

Then they throw beads at me.

Do you meow at them?

I hiss at them.

That’s not very nice.

That’s my favorite part!

Oh. Well, soon it will be over and you’ll have some peace and quiet until next year.

What do you mean next year?

Mardi Gras happens every year.

What? Isn’t everyone marching off to die or something?

Die? No.

I thought everybody with rabies dies.


All those people have rabies.

All those people do not have rabies.

You sure? That looks like rabies to me. [Points out window.]

I think he’s just had too much to drink.

No, that’s definitely rabies. I wouldn’t go down there if I were you.

I’ll be fine.

Seriously, stay with me. I’ve been camping out in the linen closet. Chenille really baffles the sound.

I assure you, Mardi Gras is not a death march of people with rabies.

Hey, I see what comes out of the bars at closing time. That’s textbook rabies.

See you next year.

Just don’t go into the Swamp. My God, the people that establishment casts forth into the streets at dawn have ceased to be human.

Happy Mardi Gras.

I’ll save you some chenille.

Photos via the Cat Practice, home of the 2015 Endymeow.

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