We all know cats like to drink from a variety of water sources, but have you ever wondered which water sources they prefer the most and which they prefer the least? We asked a sample of cats to rank water sources, and we got this.

Water sources, ranked, best to absolute worst:

1. Water glass on nightstand

2. Waterfall

3. Bathtub faucet

4. Sink faucet

5. Burbling stream

6. Semi-burbling stream

7. Public fountain at outdoor Denver mall (evacuated)

8. Leaky shower (fast leak)

9. Leaky shower (slow, steady leak)

10. Cat fountain (high flow)

11. Cat fountain (low flow, you cheapskate)

12. Cat fountain with turquoise decorative stones

13. Cat fountain with bits of yesterday’s kibble floating in it

14. Stainless steel bowl

15. Ceramic bowl

16. Porcelain bowl

17. BPA-free plastic bowl

18. Frisbee “bowl”

19. 7-Eleven Slurpee “bowl”

20. Pottery Barn wide-mouth salad bowl

21. Water droplets clinging to plastic shower curtain

22. Condensation on ice-cold soda can

23. Puddle below refrigerator on the fritz

24. Morning dew on forgotten Slip ‘N Slide on the lawn

25. Arm sweat

26. Neck sweat

27. Leg sweat

28. Hair sweat

29. Baby pool

30. Lake Mead

31. Lake Havasu

32. Lake Titicaca

33. Land O’ Lakes

34. The Lakers

35. Any lake, generally

36. Ponds

37. Fish tank

38. Drip irrigation

39. Driveway puddles

40. White-water rapids

42. Toilet “bowl”

43. Residential sprinklers

44. Garden hose

45. Fire hose

46. Backed-up rain gutter

47. Rain, generally

48. Rain with thunder, especially

49. Grinding cat fountain with a quarter-inch of water

50. Any bowl whatsoever (my cat)

What would your cat put on this list? Where does she like to drink the most? Do you ever find yourself turning on the bathtub faucet at 3 a.m. and wondering what on earth you are doing? Let us know in the comments.

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