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This Just In: Mr. Nibbles the Cat Declares War on Mail

Mr. Nibbles is a master at retrieving (er, attacking) what comes through the slot every day.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 21st 2012

Over at Dogster we have Bubbles the Bill Biter, who waits for the postman and shreds unwanted mail. Didn’t pay that bill on time? Just tell the collections person that your dog ate the bill. Because that excuse totally worked in high school.

But what if you’re partial to cats and you regularly receive unwanted mail? Then you can simply hire Captain Doctor Mr. Nibbles II, Esq. — yes, this fine feline warrants multiple prefixes and suffixes (the naming of cats is a serious matter) — who will receive and sort your mail dutifully and efficiently.

Unlike Bubbles, whose methods you might deem “messy,” Mr. Nibbles awaits the mail at exactly noon everyday, and with precise timing and reflexes, swipes it from the postman so it never once touches the floor. Then he carries off the mail to sort in private, making sure you only receive the mail you want.

Here’s a video of Mr. Nibbles in action. Watch as he deftly collects the mail and then takes it away as if it never existed at all.

Ignorance is bliss, right? Bills? What bills? We’ve never seen a single bill in our lives, how can you expect us to pay that outrageous sum?

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