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Watch This Cat Attack an Automatic Food Dispenser

In a frenzy over his regularly scheduled dinner, this cat remind us of every dog we've ever seen eat. It's just kibble!

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 10th 2012

Some cats are finicky eaters, some cats are affectionate eaters, and some cats — like this kitty — are ravenous eaters.

Waiting for his automatic food dispenser the way we wait for five o’clock on Friday afternoons, this ginger tabby consumes his food with the frenzy of a dog.

At first he sits atop his box tower, where he can carefully observe the feeder. He seems calm, restrained, poised. Then he senses that it’s time — a disturbance in the Force, if you will — and he readies to leap down to the bowl. And then! With a signal the food comes pouring out! And the cat gobbles it up like lightning! Nope, no table manners here. He’s a cat! He’ll do exactly as he pleases!

Or maybe he’s eating quickly just to silence that infernal racket? Really! What the heck is that?

With an automatic feeder, kitty never misses a meal, but we sure hope his people only use it under limited circumstances. We’d hate to eat like that at every meal.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go back to watching the clock slowly tick away. Is it five yet? We can’t wait! We’re going to be out the door like, well, a cat attacking an automatic food dispenser.

Photo: Cat wants to steal shrimp from the table by