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Minimalist Cat Art by Pavel Pichugin Gets Maximum Laughs

The mysterious artist doesn't need much to capture feline love and humor.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 29th 2013

We wish we could tell you more about Pavel Pichugin, but his Tumblr is conspicuously lacking in any personal information. The only clue into the artist’s mind is his stream of sketches, which incorporate skill and humor into neat little sketches. It seems that Pichugin has a penchant for drawing anything in the world around him that inspires him, but one subject shows up consistently — cats.

Sometimes the cats are being sneaky, sometimes they’re being naughty, and sometimes they’re just being cute.

And who could blame him? Cats are magnificent sources of inspiration. The way they move, the way they pose, the way they operate on secret intentions. Dogs come when they’re called. Cats, however, come when they please. And what pleases a cat? It’s difficult to tell what’s behind those slit-pupil eyes.

So Pichugin draws his cats with as little complication as possible. With only a few clean lines, Pichugin suggests all we need to know about the kitties in his drawings. We especially like this illustration, which almost becomes a play on drawing and the medium itself (you can imagined the horizontal lines are those of a notebook page, bending under the weight of a kitty preventing you from doing your homework).

Images via Pavel Pichugin’s Tumblr