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Can This Cat and This Fox Stay Best Friends Forever?

The unlikely pair frolics on the shores of Van, Turkey. How cute is this?

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 28th 2012

Along the shores of the city of Van in Turkey, foxes are known to romp and play. Have you ever seen a fox in action? They’re technically of the same family as dogs are (that would be Canidae), but they act an awful lot like cats. They leap and pounce on delicate little paws, and hunt vermin like mice and gophers. And their babies are called “kits” — almost like “kittens.”

About a year ago, a local in Van noticed a rather odd couple: a fox and a cat hanging out together. The local first spotted the pair feasting on a fisherman’s leftovers, and watched as the fox and the cat played and cuddled together, capturing the unlikely pair on camera.

But when you consider a fox’s behavior, maybe it’s really not such a strange friendship. We bet they have pouncing contests and enjoy admiring each other’s tails, telling each other, “You’re so pretty.” “No, you’re so pretty.” They probably go hunting for mice together and then curl up and go to sleep.

We imagine they get into their share of arguments and disagreements, but when you’re this cute, it’s hard to stay angry for long. In fact, we feel instantly better just looking at these photos.

Via The Chive