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The Best Cat and Baby Cuddle You Will See Today

Where this cat fits, this cat sits. And if there's a baby in there, well, the more the merrier!

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 1st 2013

There’s an old wives’ tale that when a new (human) baby arrives, cats get jealous, and, drawn to the smell of milk on a baby’s breath, will slink up and suck the wind right out of the infant’s mouth. Another superstition within the same vein is that a cat will try to smother a baby by sleeping on its face.

None of that is true, of course, and the cat in this video is going to prove it to you.

One rule of being a cat is that if you fit, you sit, and true to this tenet, cats will squeeze themselves into the most impossible spaces to fulfill their most sacred duty. If a baby happens to be in that space well then, the more the merrier!

Kitty sure looks like he’s fawning over the baby, and the baby seems happy with his kitty companion.

However, we can’t help wondering if the cat is really thinking, “Oh sweet, my own personal space heater. If I endear myself to this human kitten now, he will be my slave forever. The grown-up humans will never suspect a thing. Sure, keep filming, humans. Yes, this is just cute and innocuous. Cute and innocuous.”

Top Photo: Baby girl and cat by Shutterstock

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