A Day in the Life of a Cat Actor


Have you ever wondered, “What is life like for a cat actor?” No? What is wrong with you, anyway?

Well, for those of you who have, this BuzzFeed video goes into the life and leisure of Pride, a longhaired cat actor.

According to Pride’s handler, Pride is a particularly confident, outgoing cat, which are just the kind of characteristics an animal needs to endure the rigors of Hollywood. While Pride is clicker trained, it doesn’t mean Pride always does what he’s asked to do. As his handler says, “Dogs like to please people, cats like to please themselves.”

Which basically means that the life of a cat actor is not too much different from the life of your house cat at home. Even though you’ve told the cat time and time again to not climb on the counter, the cat looks you right in the eye and jumps up there anyway.

Which basically means it’s time to get your cat an agent cause baby, she’s a star!

In order to help Pride work better, his handler takes the cat to set before the actual shoot so he can become acclimated to the environment. Things are still radically different when it comes to “Action!” but at least a preliminary visit allows Pride to feel some familiarity.

So we guess the real measure of talent is whether or not your cat is down with car rides.

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