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Butch Catskitty and the Sundance Kitten Ride into Town

Watch out -- there's a new sheriff in town to tame the wild, wild West -- and he's drinking milk at the Last Meow Saloon.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 14th 2012

Picture this: an expansive no-man’s land reaching out and swallowing you whole, a blazing sun setting on the horizon, and a lone tumbleweed cast about by a desolate, howling wind. Suddenly you hear galloping hoofbeats … or is that pawbeats? The desert silence is disrupted by a figure riding in. You squint, struggling to see who — or what — it could be.

The figure steadily approaches and you strain to discern the shape. Is it? Can it be?

It’s Butch Catskitty and the Sundance Kitten!

In this furry retelling of the classic Western tale, the felines have taken over. They’re riding dogs, ordering tall glasses of stiff milk at the Cat’s Meow saloon, and upholding the law in the wild, wild West — no small feat when you’ve got no thumbs to pull the trigger on your pistol!

Developed by filmmakers Ben Overzet and John Lindquist for the University of Colorado Denver Film and Television Program, the production is slick and well crafted. Knowing what divas kitties can be, we’re totally impressed and entertained. Lucky for us, this is only the first episode, whetting our appetites for more to come!

Oh wait — Episode Two is already up, starring Madam Puss Puss. Okay, we have some more tall tails to watch now!