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Catvertising: A New Whiskas Cat Food Commercial Strokes Your Cat’s Ego

The new ad from Whiskas reminds us that there's a big cat inside every little kitty.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 10th 2013

Ask a cat and she will proudly tell you about her wild legacy.

“A long time ago, human, we were once mighty lions and leopards, roaming the hot, sparse grasslands or stalking through wet, dense jungles. I myself am the distant relative of an ancient Asian tiger who battled a python to become King of the Jungle, striking fear into the hearts of all who beheld him. Don’t raise your eyebrow, human, this is the truth, and for your petulance, I promise to rise at 4 a.m. every morning for the next month, demanding to be fed.”

OK, maybe it doesn’t happen exactly like that, but come on, admit it — there are times your cat gives you that look of disdain that says, “Don’t forget I am one of nature’s finest killers!” Usually followed up with a decapitated bird on your doorstep.

Cat food brand Whiskas has tapped into your kitty’s ego with a series of ads featuring cats in their natural habitat: Pretending to be much bigger than they are. And just like cats love when you stroke that spot right above their butts, they also love having their egos stroked. So these ads totally nail it.

Whatever you think of Whiskas, these ads are pretty darn clever.

Via Design Taxi