Lost Your Balloon? This Cat Will Catch It for You


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d get a balloon from a restaurant or the doctor’s office? Remember how much you would love that balloon and then remember how you’d almost always inevitably end up letting it go to watch it float high high away and disappear into a sad colorful dot way up in the sky?

What you needed was a clever cat like this one, who stops at nothing to recover a pair of lost balloons.

No, seriously, she stops at nothing, because if at first you don’t succeed try … try … and try and try and try again.

She goes so far as to employ some supersophisticated kitty climbing in order to grab the balloons — and she succeeds!

Where she fails is when she tries to take the balloons with her under the table. Uh no, kitty, that’s not how it works!

She almost loses the balloons again, but recovers them before they slip off beyond her reach. We bet she made one kid very happy.

That is, until she tried to use her claws on the balloons trying to make balloon animals. That’s one dream she’s gonna have to let go!

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