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These Auto-Tuned Kittens Sound Like Pop Stars

This viral video rehashes the old controversy about whether cats should be allowed to use Auto-Tune to make their singing better. Wait a second -- cats sing?

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 20th 2012

We know you love the precious mewing of your kitties — even at 5:30 in the morning when they are clawing at your toes to wake up and feed them — but even the most devoted cat lover must admit that kitty occasionally sings out of key.

But that’s okay! Because now every cat can be a star thanks to Auto-Tune! Auto-Tune instantly makes any cat sound like this week’s newest pop sensation, with no actual singing skills or talent required! Which is purrrfect — since cats can’t sing at all. (Or can they?)

No, but seriously … this is a seriously silly video for a seriously silly song about one man’s affection for his cats. Come on now, we know your dirty secret — just like this dude, you like to sing to your cat. Well, okay, maybe not just like that dude, but a few of you confessed to serenading your pets! So here’s a new song to add to your kitty-cat playlist. We know we’ve already got it stuck in our heads! “Kittens in Auto-Tune ….”

If your cat could sing, what songs would she sing? Would she make up her own songs? If so, what would the lyrics be? Come on — we want to know!

Photo: A kitten stands on an old record by