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Atlanta Falcons Player Thomas DeCoud Plays the Meow Game

Even professional football players like cats. This one slips in a few "meows."

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 2nd 2012

Okay, this technically isn’t a cat post in the (meow) strictest sense, but it does involve cats, and there are few things cuter than a big hulking football playing saying “meow.” Allow us to elaborate (meow).

If you’re familiar with the movie Super Troopers, then you know exactly what “the meow game” is. If you’re not (meow), we promise this is going to become your new favorite pastime.

The meow game is simple: Just try to insert “meow” as often as possible until your listener catches on, starts looking around for a cat, or becomes convinced he or she is going crazy.

Interviewed by ESPN’s SportsCenter, Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud subverts the idea of the macho football player by engaging in a friendly round of the meow game.

Either the SportsCenter anchor never noticed or is one of the most stone-faced professionals in the broadcast world..

Can you find all of the “meows” in the video? We count about 10.

Photo: A kitten wearing a letterman jacket sits next to football by

Via Yahoo! Sports (where you can find out exactly when all the kitty utterances are!)