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Cats Don’t Get Why You Play Assassin’s Creed

When a canine trots off screen, the confused cat checks behind the TV.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 15th 2012

Here it comes! Once Halloween hits, it’s a marathon dash through the holidays until the new year, when we can drink champagne (or sparkling cider), reflect on the past year, and make resolutions for the coming year (which we will promptly break).

It’s also the perfect time to finally switch out that old-fashioned bulky television set for a sleek flat-screen TV. But hey, if you’ve never owned a flat screen, they can be pretty surprising. You might think, “Where is the rest of this TV? Are you sure it will work?”

That must be what the cat in this video is thinking.

Watching his humans play video games, the cat sees a dog, which makes him curious, of course, so he checks behind the TV, where the dog should be. To his bewilderment, he finds nothing.

And yet the dogs are coming from somewhere — but where? Never one to give up easily, the cat keeps looking, unable to locate the source of the dogs on the screen.

That earns him 10 points for tenacity but knocks him down a couple for being fooled by a television. But who can blame him? Video games these days are so realistic.

Via BuzzFeed