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Anne Rice’s Son Declares War on the Vampire Novelist’s Cat

Straight out of an Anne Rice novel: Christopher Rice declares the CLASH OF CATS!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 19th 2012

Not surprisingly, gothic vampire writer Anne Rice shares her home with a cat — the handsome kitty named Prince Oberon. The little feline makes regular appearances on her Facebook page, garnering a following of his own with more than a thousand “Likes.” It would seem that Oberon is the apple of Anne’s eye — and for good reason! He’s cute as a button!

All was well and good until Anne Rice’s son, Christopher Rice, was alerted to the abundance of Oberon photos, and thusly declared an epic CLASH OF CATS.

Though there’s a marked absence of photos of Christopher on his mother’s well-known page, the younger writer upholds that it’s not out of jealousy that he’s announced such a war, but rather the drawing of battle lines from years ago. According to Christopher, his Ragdoll kitties, Cotton and Morgan, are the rightful heirs to the Facebook kitty throne Prince Oberon has unjustly usurped.

The CLASH OF CATS is all in good fun, though — everyone knows that all cats are the kings and queens of the Internet. You need not look further than YouTube to see that. But if this kitty war means we will be subjected to an onslaught of competing cat photos, then we say bring it!

UPDATE: So just as we were about to publish this post to share with you, Anne Rice posted about thirty photos of her beloved son, which earned more than a thousand “Likes” in just an hour. Can we just say that the Rices take the cake for cutest family? Let’s just go ahead and name Anne queen of Facebook, which makes Christopher its prince, and their kitties the royal pets. Everybody wins!

Images via Anne Rice’s and Christopher Rice’s Facebook pages