A Special Surprise from Fancy Feast!


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Fancy Feast is like flowers for cat ladies. A friend of mine who is fostering Stubbie, a former parking lot kitty of mine, had just come home to a case of Fancy Feast on her front doorstep, and no idea who it came from. I joked that it was from a secret admirer who must have known she was a cat lady.

The conversation was so silly and perfect that I had to blog about it here and ask you all if you’d rather get flowers for themselves or Fancy Feast for their kitties. For the record: The answers were pretty mixed, but Fancy Feast won out.

And a couple days later, the greatest thing happened: I got an e-mail from the Fancy Feast folks themselves! They read my post and loved it, and wanted to a special “not-so-secret-admirer” gift of Fancy Feast to Stubbie and my friend!

I immediately loved the idea (and the fact that they read my blog!), and Fancy Feast even more than I already do for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, Fancy Feast is Stubbie’s favorite food, so this would be so great for her! (She deserves to be spoiled!)

And secondly, this is how brands are supposed to do it: keep an eye out for people who are talking about you and then jump in where appropriate to reward and surprise people who are your “brand ambassadors.” (I’m in marketing in real life, so this was such a good experience for me. Love what they did!)

So anyway, they asked for Debbie’s address so they could send her a gift package. I wanted it to be a surprise when it showed up imagine her getting a second Fancy Feast admirer gift! so I asked a mutual friend to track it down. We did, and a few days later I got another e-mail from Fancy Feast with pictures of the package they’d just sent to her and Stubbie.

How fun, right?! I could hardly wait for it to arrive.

And a couple days after that … the not-so-secret-admirer gift showed up at her door, with a sweet note and all! I demanded pictures, and I’m sure Stubbie demanded Fancy Feast. :)

Thank you, Fancy Feast, for reaching out and doing this! Thank you for not only having fun with us, but for making Stubbie’s stay at my friend’s house extra special. She says MEOW!

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