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8 Cooking Shows That Cats Would Host

Cats are obsessed with kitchens and food -- so they would be perfect hosts for their own shows.

Angie Bailey  |  Mar 9th 2017

Cats have a knack for being underfoot. It’s not that they want to get in the way — we think — but they seem to like to be where we are, and where the action is. Everyone knows that the kitchen is the general gathering space in any home, so it’s no surprise cats like spending time in that room as well.

In fact, cats are so interested in the goings-on in the kitchen that they could probably have their own food-related shows. Plus, who likes to be the center of attention more than cats?

Here are eight cooking shows that would rock with cats as hosts.

1. Shoulder Chef

"A little more ground beef, please."

“A little more ground beef, please.” Photo via Flickr

Cats are way smarter than humans — at least that’s what they think, and they’re not completely off base. In addition to their superior intelligence, they have a natural inclination to “supervise.” These skills and abilities would make them the perfect host of a show called Shoulder Chef.

This week on Shoulder Chef, Onyx attempts to teach a lowly human to make the perfect spaghetti sauce. Also, he tests multiple types of ground beef.

2. Catch a Wave

"That mac-and-cheese looks suspect. Let me inspect it."

“That mac-and-cheese looks suspect. Let me inspect it.” Photo via Flickr

Kitties make themselves comfortable atop most any surface. A microwave is the perfect size on which to rest a feline form. From that perch, a cat could host a show called Catch a Wave.

Next week on Catch a Wave, Max observes humans as they warm up leftovers, and then he looks alarmed when the timer dings. What a fun combination of food preparation and comedy!

3. Feeling Spicy

"Good luck with that allspice."

“Good luck with that allspice.” Photo via Flickr

Crash! What was that? Oh, the cat has knocked another spice container onto the floor. That’s exactly what makes a kitty the perfect host for a cooking show called Feeling Spicy.

Tonight on Feeling Spicy, Patches tasks a human to create a dish using the spices she has swatted from the shelf: cumin, rosemary, anise, and cream of tartar. Now that’s a challenge!

4. The Drowsy Gourmand


“Time for a commercial break.” Photo via Flickr

Cats can’t help it: When they become tired, they must nap. This makes things difficult for the director of a cooking show hosted by a cat. The only way around the tricky situation is to play off the whole sleepiness schtick. Enter: The Drowsy Gourmand.

Tomorrow on The Drowsy Gourmand, Sweetie Pie rests her head on a wheel of vintage Gouda. You’ll never guess what happens next! Or maybe you will.

5. Tablescape This!

"Take that, Martha Stewart."

“Take that, Martha Stewart.” Photo via Flickr

No tablescape is complete without cat butt. If there’s activity on a tabletop — especially involving food — kitty is front and center. Cats are so full of themselves that they know they’re the centerpiece, whether or not they’re sitting in the center of the table. There’s no better host for Tablescape This!

In case you missed last week’s episode of Tablescape This!, Stripes sat on the end of the Easter dinner table and posed while humans attempted to shoo him to the floor. That is all.

6. Basket Case

"Good luck with that baguette."

“Good luck with that baguette.” Photo via Flickr

Baskets! Felines love ’em. Humans enjoy using them to transport food for outdoor picnics. These two don’t really mix, so let’s make a TV show! On Basket Case, people try their best to wedge their picnic dishes around the cat who’s parked him or herself inside the basket.

Last night on Basket Case, Calliope loafed diagonally across the inside of the picnic basket, charging the humans with the feat of making room for a dish of potato salad, two deviled ham sandwiches, a bag of baby carrots and a container of hummus. What could possibly go wrong?

7. Bowled Over

"Ready to bowl?"

“Ready to bowl?” Photo via Flickr

An open container is an open invitation for a cat. Cats don’t care whether it’s a box, basket, bowl, suitcase … whatever — they’re about to occupy that space. On the award-winning cooking show, Bowled Over, multiple cats continuously switch bowls while a human tries to create a recipe assigned at the beginning of the episode.

Tomorrow on Bowled Over, a human attempts Quiche Lorraine and roasted rosemary potatoes with the “help” of two tabbies and a calico. Will she advance to the finale? Tune in!

What kind of cooking show would your cat host? Tell us in the comments!